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What exactly does Dr. Trotter treat as an ENT physician and surgeon?

All aspects of ear disease and disorders are treated.  This includes tubes for children with chronic problems with infection and fluid in the middle ear, microsurgery of the middle ear to treat problems with hearing loss, treatment for "ringing" in the ears, and surgery to treat infection of the bone around the ear (mastoid).  Hearing tests conducted by an audiologist are offered in the office.  We offer very competitive pricing in hearing aids with the latest digital technology, with a risk-free trial.

Dr. Trotter uses advanced techniques to treat sinus disease, including medical management and endoscopic sinus surgery.  The causes of nasal stuffiness, such as allergies, nasal polyps, and septal deviation can be diagnosed and treated.  Nasal fractures are also treated.

Dr. Trotter is one of only a handful of surgeons in the nation who perform tonsillectomy with a new surgical instrument which allows the procedure to be performed nearly bloodlessly and with much less discomfort for the patient.  New instruments and procedures used by Dr. Trotter in the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring are yielding greatly improved results for his patients.  Hoarseness and other laryngeal (voice box) problems can be treated medically and with microsurgery.  Neck masses and diseases of the thyroid and salivary glands are treated as well as swallowing problems.

Disorders involving the facial nerve are evaluated and treated.  Skin cancer and cysts can be removed.  Scars on the face can be minimized.

Testing for food and inhalant allergies can be ordered, and when appropriate, allergy shots can be administered to patients.